2014 Bear 100

My name is Steven and I have been working at Nashville Running Company since April 2014. I have been running for about 15 years, and in the past two years I started running ultra marathons (any distance longer than a marathon) on trails. It has been a blast, and I've really fallen in love with trail running and the ultra community through my experiences. Earlier in 2014, my friend Jeff Davis talked me into training for my first 100-mile trail race, considered by many to be the ultimate ultra-distance. We both signed up and trained all summer long for a race called The Bear 100 in Utah and Idaho set to take place on September 26-27, 2014. Yes, that's two states and two days. It was a point-to-point race starting in Logan, UT, going through the Wasatch mountains, and ending in Fish Haven, ID. If you have ever done marathon training or know someone who has, it takes a lot of time and training. Not to belittle marathon training, as it is legit, but training for a 100 proved to take almost all my free time and energy for the training required, including long hours of traveling and training on weekends. This is where working at NRC was very helpful, as Lee seemed to naturally schedule hours for me that worked well for my training. I also have access to amazing gear there at the stores, such as my Pearl N1 trail shoes, Salomon pack, Garmin watch, and Native sunglasses (those were so helpful in that bright mountain sun!), all of which I wore and used in The Bear. The race this year had 340 starters, and only 167 finishers. I was finisher number 139. Here is a link to a video I made showing some of my experiences in this race, my first 100: