Local Legend: Kris Rehm

For most breast cancer survivors, October is a special month of remembrance and celebration of recovery. For Rehm, it’s also remembrance for a scary time when she had more questions than answers. In October of 2013, Rehm was diagnosed with breast cancer and started the arduous journey of chemotherapy and radiation. With her family in mind, she knew she had to take every last ounce of strength she had and fight. Through the struggle, she found an unshakeable strength has carried over into all other areas of her life. Including running.

Rehm started running in middle school and hasn’t stopped since! She ran for Ohio University and then continued to weave running into her medical school schedule. She knew she wouldn’t allow cancer to take away her passion, and just like in medical school, she would continue to make it part of her busy life. Though she wasn’t as strong or fast as she wanted to be, she knew with hard work and discipline she could someday get back to her prime running conditions.

Two months after her final round of treatment, Rehm decided to train a group of women for the Susan G. Komen race on October 25th of this year. This 8 week training program has brought together 25 women to run through warm sunrises as well as crisp morning fog. The women have found that a 6 a.m. run isn’t too unbearable with such a huge support system. Through the miles, they’ve bonded over a new-found love of running. Especially when the running coincides with a great cause. While the team is comprised of busy women, they have still managed to raise one of the largest donations for The Race for the Cure.

Rehm, who is humble about her own success, boasts of the women she has been coaching, “I’m so proud of all of them. It’s been amazing watching the growth from our first morning run until now. For some, it’s their first race ever. You can feel how excited they are.”

Cheers to recovery, renewed strength and running for a cause. Go out and celebrate with these women at their race on October 25th!