Fall Gear Guide

Autumn, such a beautiful season, but with the beauty comes the oscillation of temperatures. This week alone has seen Nashville through sunny 80 degree afternoons and rainy, nearly freezing nights. So, what's the key to staying cool/warm when the weather can't quite make up its mind? Layering.

Mild Mornings:

We've all had those mornings. You glance out the window, still dark. You look at the temperature and it matches the chilly, dark sky. But, you notice it's supposed to warm up fifteen-degrees during the course of your run. The simplest solution to this is choosing a light jacket to put over a t-shirt. Once you've acclimated to the temperature, tie the jacket around your waist or drop it off at your car.

Don't put away your tank tops quite yet! They pair well underneath a full-zip jacket or long sleeve t-shirt.

A simple long-sleeve t-shirt is great for warming up on a mild morning. Wear by itself or with a short-sleeve underneath.

Chilly afternoons:

Despite the teasing warm days we've had recently, it is slowly but surely getting colder. On these afternoons, make sure you have clothing with temperature regulating fabric. Most running tights and base layers will have a synthetic material woven in to ensure that you stay warm through the miles. Add ear-warmers, scarves, and gloves according to your preference. Remember, though, to dress for temperatures twenty degrees warmer than your start time. Not only will the outside temperature increase slightly, but you'll feel warmer with any increase in physical activity.

Infinity scarves before and after your run will keep you warm when needed.

Base layers:

When the word base layer is mentioned, many people conjure up images of mountain climbers trekking through frigid temperatures. While this niche of athletes does require a base layer, so do runners. Base layers can be tailored to those wanting to stay warm in the winter or cool in the summer and can be found as tank tops, short sleeves, and the typical long sleeve. The synthetic fabrics woven into base layers are designed for temperature regulation.

Mizuno uses a synthetic material called Polyacrylate in their Breath Thermo line of clothing. This material heats upon contact with moisture to ensure that you're kept warm on the coldest of days. Other brands use traditional materials like wool that are naturally moisture wicking to ensure that you stay warm and dry.

Mizuno's line of Breath Thermo products contains a synthetic material that not only wicks moisture, but uses that moisture to heat the clothing upon contact. These articles can be worn by themselves as a light-weight option for staying warm or as a base layer when temperatures drop below freezing.

There are plenty of options for layering and keeping you comfortable throughout a wide range of temperatures. Enjoy the changing of the seasons and don't let cold weather keep you from the great outdoors!