Fitness Spotlight: Tabata

Tabata is an hour long class that rotates through intervals of work out sets that focus on strengthening the core, arms, and legs.

Christa Poremba, NRC team member, has been surrounded by health and well-being since she was a child. This Denver, Colorado native was raised in a household with a fitness instructing mother who passed down her knowledge of wellness and the good that exercise can do for body, mind, and soul. Christa inherited a passion for helping people develop into the best version of themselves and saw an outlet in which she could do so. After realizing that most runners don’t work all of their major muscles groups, she wanted to bring in a program that could help Nashville’s running community become stronger all the while improving their health and fitness levels.

Christa demonstrates a power squat. Many of the Tabata cycles focus on strengthening leg muscles to give runners more power.

Poremba started teaching her first set of Tabata in conjunction with East Nasty during the summer of 2013. Shortly after, she brought the course to Nashville Running Company where members of the community can join her work out classes. Before the sun rises, a crew of people from all exercise backgrounds come together in order to develop strength. Tabata, a high intensity interval training course, requires discipline, hard work, and copious amounts of pump up music.

At the end of the 8 week course, participants of the class have been amazed at the amount of progress and growth that has transpired. Cheyenne Smith is a veteran of the program and has been attending the course since it began the first summer with East Nasty. After incurring some running related injuries, he decided he would try out Tabata and work on strength conditioning in a way other than weight lifting. Between the physical therapy visits and the Tabata class, he could tell that the Tabata exercises were helping him get to the root of his injury by strengthening his total body.

Often times, runners forget to work on other muscle groupings besides legs. Christa makes sure to incorporate arm strengthening exercises throughout the class.

When asked what motivates him to keep coming back course after course he said, “The people in the group and as a result the group accountability, the results and also my perfect attendance record!  Christa is a great instructor and motivator and we've got a dedicated group of regulars that have more fun than you'd think possible at 6am! From the start to the end of an 8 week session I can notice major positive improvements in how my body feels and reacts to running. There have been some times that the logistics got crazy with family and work travel  but I'll do anything possible to not miss a class because there is no way I would give even a small portion of the effort on my own.”

Alongside the veterans, there are also new comers to this session of Tabata. Kellie Givens, an avid runner, decided that she wanted to switch up her normal workout routine of long runs and Pilates. After talking to Christa, she thought that attending a Tabata class would help her kick off her goal of becoming stronger and leaner. After her first class, she was pleased with Christa’s enthusiasm and encouragement throughout the routine.

“My first Tabata workout was challenging which made me realize how much I need it!  I liked having the option of modifications for the more challenging exercises and still felt I was getting the maximum benefit from the exercise, while working at my own pace. The class was a mix of all fitness levels so I didn’t find it intimidating in terms of being new to Tabata.”

Whether you have been wanting to incorporate strength training into your routine or are just ready to mix things up, come check out a Tabata class. No matter your fitness level, there are always new activities to incorporate into your daily routine!