Small Business, Big Heart

When Nashville Running Company owner, Lee Wilson, first dreamed of opening up a running store, he was drawn to the concept of small business. With small businesses, it's easier to be involved in the community and invest well in those around you. And that's what he envisioned for this endeavor: a small business with a big heart.

Three years later, that heart is still beating. NRC's goal for 2015 is to be even more involved with the community. As a local business, we are only as strong as our community! In the past, we've been able to be present in the lives of those who share our passion for running, health and well-being. But, what about those who have yet to know the joy of running? What about those who have been too sick to run through the trails or too stressed to make it out to the races? We didn't want to just be involved with those we could resonate with. This year is about branching out and seeing what difference a small business can make in a big city.

NRC worker, Christa Poremba, has head-started our 2015 campaign for community activism. She has a huge heart for kids, so naturally she reflected on how we could help the children of Nashville. After researching outlets in which NRC could become involved with, Poremba saw opportunities at both Monroe Carrell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt and The Ronald McDonald House of Nashville. Race team member, Kris Rehm, has been involved with the Children's Hospital for years and saw great opportunities for NRC to become involved. Poremba also has family ties to the Ronald McDonald House in Denver, so it just seemed fitting to pursue both of these places.

"It's hard because there are so many outlets to do good, this is a first step though. When I was teaching swim lessons back in Denver, one of the little girls I coached was diagnosed with leukemia. We all became involved with her fight and it was cool to see how the little things could aid her and her family in the midst of their pain. Places like the Children's Hospital provide so much hope for those going through times of illness. And the Ronald McDonald House provides a miraculous retreat for families. That's why I chose these two places for involvement in 2015." said Christa Poremba.

Join us as we serve the Nashville community this year. During March and April, we will have bins at both stores for a toy drive. Whenever you come in to buy shoes or join our group runs, bring in something from the list below. All items will be taken to Monroe Carrell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt:

Wish List

The NRC staff along with race team members are baking cookies at the Ronald McDonald house where the family members are staying. If you, or any of your family and friends want to know how you can help us in our journey to serving the Nashville community, call the store at 615-228-9191. We will be more than happy to include you in making Nashville a brighter place to be.

Thank you for your continual support, we wouldn't be the same without you!