Shoe Review: Lindsay Dial, Altra Superior 2.0

As soon as Altra released their updated version of the Superior, race team member Lindsay Dial couldn't wait to test out the Superior 2.0. After having success with this unique running brand's trail shoe, Dial was excited to put more trail miles on in this new pair. Altra is known for their wide toe box that allows extra splay room. This model has improved their tread for the rockiest of terrain while still managing to be a lighter weight than the previous version. The Superior 2.0 is a zero drop shoe to mimic barefoot running and comes in at 7.5 oz. Read on to hear Lindsay's shoe review:

"I’ve tried almost every trail shoe available: multiple brands and a variety of models within those brands. I am a neutral runner-so most neutral shoes work for me. However, I find that many brands tend to be narrow in the toe box and have too much cushioning, especially in the heel. I am not an advocate for barefoot shoes or any of the minimal shoes that are all the rage right now. So I struggled finding a brand that provided me what I was looking for: a bigger toe box, a lower toe to heel drop, but still providing enough cushion to train for hours over varied trail terrain. That changed once I tried Altra Running Shoes, specifically their Superior model.

They just released their second version of the Superior, the Superior 2.0. This trail shoe is considered their more minimal trail shoe-it is not meant to run extreme distances (wouldn’t recommend this for anything over a 50K unless you are used to it). I have been training in it for over a month now (both trail and road) and while I loved the original, they have successfully improved this shoe with very little negatives.

The 2.0 has a better and more substantial tread than the original while coming in a little lighter in weight. This is great because it makes the shoe last longer while providing more stability and traction, especially during inclement weather. The Superior 2.0 also comes with a stone guard insert. At first I was hesitant to use it but I have been pleasantly surprised. It has just enough added protection without adding bulk and once inserted. This model sheds water better than the original too-their mesh upper allows water to quickly escape as you run through puddles, streams, or just plain rain. They have done a much better job of creating a rock guard on the inside and outside of the shoe, which is great because my biggest complaint was that the original model did not offer enough side protection, thus they only lasted a month before the mesh liner came apart.

My 2.0 shoes still look great and there are no signs of weakness on the mesh. My only qualm with the shoe is that the ribbon stripe that runs on the top of the toes provides a bit of restriction on the top of your foot when you run at first. Once I got used to it though, I didn’t notice it again-maybe it eventually stretched itself out. Overall, this shoe is great. It is my go-to shoe when I want to run anywhere from an hour to 5 hours. If you are looking for a shoe that is responsive, zero drop, and is more comfortable in the toe box, then this is the shoe for you.