Amputee Blade Runners: 5FIVE15 Campaign

Photo courtesy of Amputee Blade runners

Photo courtesy of Amputee Blade runners

On May 7th at 6pm, Nashville Running Company will be joining the Amputee Blade Runners for their 5FIVE15 Campaign. We're excited to partner with this great cause and help them in reaching their campaign goals! Often times, we take for granted the ability to set out on a run whenever we please. This is a great opportunity to use our passions to help others in our community! Below is an interview with Amputee Blade Runner's Executive Director, Trey Barclay. Read on to find out more ways that you can get involved with the 5FIVE15 Campaign!

JH: How did you get involved with the Amputee Blade Runners?
TB: My friend, Nick Gambill, is the head of fabrication (he helps to make the custom sockets for each of our ABR team members.) He mentioned they were looking for someone to help grow the organization.

JH: How was the idea of the 5FIVE15 Campaign born?
TB: We were trying to think of different ways to get people involved, not only through donating, but also by actually being a part of the fundraising campaign itself. We are asking people to run 5, whether that be 5 minutes, a 5k, 5 miles, or anything with a 5 in it. We then hope those individuals will go to our commit to change page to donate $5 as a way to 'Join the Campaign'. These funds will go towards the next set of amputee athletes that apply for a grant through Amputee Blade Runners. The 15 is just our goal to raise $15K, which would be enough money to help 5 amputees realize their dream of running again!

JH: How will this campaign affect the growth of ABR?
TB: Besides fund-raising, we are still trying to spread the ABR message to parts of the country that we do not have an athlete ambassador located. Currently we have an ambassador (someone we have provided a running leg for) in 28 states and our goal is to help at lease one individual in every state. This is the first year of the 5FIVE15 Campaign, and we hope to keep building it each year. NRC was the third location signed up to host a social run for this Campaign and we are truly appreciative. We really see this campaign as a way that so many running clubs, running specialty stores, individuals, and even businesses can get involved in at a minimal level.

JH: How can people in the community get involved with this cause?
TB: Just get out there during the week of May 4th. Get moving, share the campaign page with family and friends...oh, and take a moment to donate $5 online! We have our current Social Run locations listed on the Commit to Change website, but there is still room for more people to host a run, even if it's just with their friends!

If you would like to create your own running group, or donate towards this great cause, follow this link to get more involved!