Crew's Summer Faves -- Lee Wilson

Just because it’s September and football season is upon us doesn’t mean summer is over. And here to provide you with his summertime faves is our fearless leader, Lee Wilson.

Shoe(s) - I love Inov-8 trail shoes. I've worn a few flavors of their shoes, but my favorite over the years has been the Inov-8 X-Talon 195 (flexible, light and awesome traction). Currently, I've been wearing the Inov-8 Parkclaw 275, and it's been really in the toebox, cushion for the longer runs, and per the usual with Inov-8 . . . good traction. On the road, I'm not as picky. I wear about six types at one given time (Mizuno Shadow, adidas Boston, HOKA Hupana, Brooks Revel, ON Cloudflow and Altra Escalante), and I like them all, actually. I've never been one that's stuck on a certain flavor of shoe because I like my muscles (or lack thereof) to get a different workout each run. Plus, styles change from season to season. By changing it up, I don’t get all bent out of shape if a brand changes anything. 


Nutrition - As far as gels go, something that is tasty and doesn't mess with my GI are key. I usually go with a combo of two local brands...Huma and Spring. As for Huma, any of the fruit ones (I'm not a chocolate or mocha gel fanatic), and with Spring, you can't beat Canaberry. For hydration, I like Skratch because it's real (without any chalkiness) and doesn't mess with my GI. I also like using GU Roctane because it has quite a few calories which is always nice during long runs.

Untitled design (2).png

Apparel - I'm not too picky on shorts, although I still love the split shorts (makes me still think I'm fast, possibly). I've never really had a pair that I couldn't stand wearing as long as it's not past my knees and too much fabric that holds sweat during these humid months. My favorite shirts at the moment are the Patagonia Cap (because it's thin and light) and the North Face BTN (for the same reasons...light and doesn't hold much sweat). 

Socks - I will wear the Swiftwick Aspire Zero, Balega Ultralight, and on the trails, I'll try to put on the Swiftwick Pursuit Hike Four (thin and seems to be durable so far).

swiftwick sock.jpg

Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us, Lee! There's still plenty of hot summer running left  . . . stop by to stock up on any of Lee's favorites!