Coach Joey's Corner: Turning Up the Heat

Training Update 1/28 to 2/3


o   AM: 8.7 at 7:05 pace with 8 strides

o   PM: 5.7 at 7:29 pace


o   AM: 3 mile warmup, 4x1600 with 1 min jog rests, ½ mile jog, 4 x 400 with 400 jog, 2 mile cooldown. Goal was 515 down to sub 510 and 70-72. Splits: 515.3, 513.5, 510.5, 506.3; 71.5, 70.7, 71.1, 69.9.

o   PM: 5 at 7:38 pace


o   AM: 11.8 at 7:13 pace

o   PM: off


o   AM: 7.7 at 7:35 pace

o   PM: 5.1 at 7:35 pace


o   AM: 4 at 7:27 pace with 6 strides

o   PM: 5 at 7:37 pace


o   AM: 2.5 mile warmup, 15k (1st in 49:14), 3 mile cooldown

o   PM: 5.4 at 7:40 pace


o   AM: off

o   PM: 8.1 at 7:28 pace

Week Total: 93 miles. Slight mileage dip for the race.

(Almost) Final Racing Schedule

·         Hot Chocolate 15k 2/16

·         Wrightsville Beach Half Marathon 3/9

·         Purity Dairy Dash 15k 4/13

·         Grandma’s Marathon 6/22

Some Thoughts

I’m happy with this week. Tuesday’s workout actually felt kind of rough, especially since I did a very similar workout two weeks ago that felt pretty easy. That was maybe related to the cold that started on Wednesday and is ongoing, although much better now. Then the race went surprisingly well. I wasn’t super optimistic going in because of the cold/uncertainty about where my fitness was. But I raced well (there were 5 of us who ended up within 32 seconds of each other) and I’m very pleased with the win and the time considering it’s a tougher course and still early in the season. It’s nice to know I’m starting at a good place.


 Had to work for this one.

With the first race of the season I’ve been thinking this past week about a special skill in racing:

Turning up the heat

At the beginning of a distance race, the name of the game is being conservative and not wasting unnecessary energy. But at some point in the race, and this could happen quite gradually, you have to transition into work mode. It’s the switch from low pain tolerance early on (which keeps you relaxed/conservative) to high pain tolerance late in the race. It’s something I’ve definitely struggled with, but want to develop a little more each time I race.

joey 2.png

The thing I struggle with is this. I can either go out aggressively and be mentally in the game from the gun, but then slow down a little bit at the end because I started too fast. Or, I can start conservatively and not get caught up in the emotion of the race, but then I often settle into conservative mode and never turn it on. The few times I’ve been able to transition well have been some of my best races.

And so I keep working on this skill. And if you want to maximize your potential when you race, I think it’s a good thing to focus on. But of course, you don’t want to overdo it:

joey 3.png

Can you tell I like Seinfeld??