Coach Joey's Corner: Being Realistic

Training Update 4/8 to 4/14


o   AM: 30 min alter G run at 60% body weight, 4.1 miles

o   PM: Pool run—60 min easy-ish


o   AM: 35 min bike

o   PM: Pool run—10 min warmup, 16 x 90 sec hard/60 sec easy, 15 min cooldown


o   AM: 30 min alter g at 65% body weight, 4.1 miles

o   PM: Pool run—60 min progression


o   AM: 30 min bike

o   PM: 50 min bike


o   AM: Alter G workout at 60%: 12 min warmup, 10 x 2 min hard/2 min easy, 10 min cooldown

o   PM: 40 min bike


o   AM: 75ish min outdoor bike

o   PM: off


o   AM: off

o   PM: 65ish min outdoor bike

Some Thoughts

On Monday I got another x-ray and then saw the doctor again on Wednesday. The xray showed some new bone formation at the second metatarsal, which suggests that there was a stress fracture that is now healing. Based on her exam, my doctor thinks it’s about 80% there. I’m still walking around in a boot and slowly ramping up the alter g intensity and body weight percentage.

This Friday I tried a workout on the alter g. It went fairly well and my foot did ok, although it may have been slightly irritated for the rest of that day. I was pretty cautious with the pace, but aerobically it felt ok. Unfortunately, my legs are still pretty sore 3 days later! Hopefully they start to bounce back quickly.

Being Realistic

This morning I came into work thinking I’d have the Boston Marathon up on one screen, write this blog post on the other screen, and somehow get some work done in between. Of all those things, I managed to watch the Boston Marathon. Given that it was pretty exciting, I don’t feel so bad about that!


This photo was definitely stolen from the Boston Athletic Association. Poor Lelisa…

The problem with my plan for this morning, like Dathan Ritzenhein’s plans to win Boston (that’s kinda mean, I’m just kidding!!!), and Newman’s love for Elaine on Seinfeld, is that it was completely unrealistic. And now here I am scrambling to get this done before a 2pm meeting and starting my actual work at 3pm. It’s going to be a long day.

Unfortunately, many people set unrealistic goals with their running, and I’ve definitely done this as well. The problem with unrealistic goals is two fold. First, you’re likely to be disappointed. Disappointment is not fun, and eventually running becomes not fun, and then you end up not wanting to run very much. And that’s no fun.

The second is that your unrealistic goals are likely to translate to unrealistic training plans. Instead of focusing on things like consistency, learning to settle at faster paces, and recovering well, you may try to overdo it with the intensity and neglect all the other important components of a good training program.

It’s tempting to be overly optimistic in this age of social media status updates because people will egg you on and “encourage” you along. And nobody likes a realist who focuses on the next tangible step. But consistently taking the next step, small as it may be, will ultimately allow you to complete the marathon of life.

And with that cheesy sentence I think it’s time to call it on this post. Besides, it’s almost 2pm 😊.


Please enjoy this creepy picture of Newman and Elaine.