Coach Joey's Corner: Ramble On

Training Update 4/1 to 4/7


o   AM: 45 min bike

o   PM: Pool run—20 min easy, 20 x 30 sec stride with 1 min easy in between, 20 min easy


o   AM: 30 min alter G run at 50% body weight, 4.1 miles

o   PM: Pool run—10 min warmup, 15 min steady, 3 min easy, 10 min hard, 3 min easy, 5 min very hard, 10 min cooldown


o   AM: 75 min bike

o   PM: off


o   AM: 30 min Alter G running at 55% body weight, 4.1 miles

o   PM: Pool run—15 min warmup, 10 x 2 min on/1 min off, 15 min cooldown


o   AM: 45 min bike

o   PM: Pool run—40 min easy


o   AM: 30 min Alter G run at 55% body weight, 4.1 miles

o   PM: Pool run—15 min warmup, 4 x 12 min hard with 3 min easy in between, 10 min cooldown


o   AM: off

o   PM: 60 min bike

Some Thoughts


Another solid week of cross training with some more alter G running. The foot is very slowly getting better, and an alter G run at 60% this morning felt almost totally fine. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks we can mix in some running on the road.

At this point I’m not really holding out hope for any races or having any concrete expectations for the immediate future. I’ll continue to train hard in whatever form that may be and focus on transitioning back to running. I feel like I’m in decent shape, but I’m not sure how that will translate to running-specific fitness.

When I first got the stress fracture, I was a little bit devastated. It felt like my dreams were being (stress) fractured. I also really questioned whether or not I’d have the motivation to cross train very hard. So I’m pretty pleased with how much work I’ve put in the last few weeks.

The difficulty with cross training is that it’s objectively much harder than running in every sense of the word. First, you can have harder days more often with something like pool running, since there’s no impact that your muscles need to recover from. It’s also very boring, which is mentally taxing—you’re stuck on a machine or moving at 0.5mph in the pool. But even though it’s definitely still boring and tough to do every day, I’ve managed to get somewhat into the routine of it, and putting in all the exercise definitely keeps me feeling good.

I’ve always thought (and still do think) that any good running program should be sustainable. One thing that helps is keeping 4-5 days a week easy. Add in some company and it’s really just a social hour (or two) each day. A couple workouts a week, especially if they’re only moderately difficult—the best type of workout!—is also quite sustainable. Sustainable training allows you to be consistent, which allows you to keep improving. And this refers to both mental and physical sustainability. But if a mentally weak person like me can put in all this boring cross training, perhaps the mental component is very adaptable.

Still, I’m very much looking forward to getting my daily social hour back.