RunWILD - 2019 Winter - Trail Training: Happy Trails

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RunWILD - 2019 Winter - Trail Training: Happy Trails


Join us for our RunWILD Winter 2019 ‘Happy Trails’ Trail Training Program! Beginning January 12th, we will commence a 12-week training program that will get you ready for our goal races, McKay Hollow Madness 25k/12k (Huntsville, AL) on March 23rd and Yamacraw 50k/25k (Stearns, KY) held on April 6th!

The program, which will be capped at 50 participants, will include a customized training plan, Saturday morning trail runs at various trails MOSTLY within an hour of Nashville, Tuesday night running workouts in East Nashville (tempo, interval, hill, etc., with instruction on each type, and how to incorporate in your training), footwear/nutrition/vendor showcases, and social events! Also, a group brunch/dinner will follow many of the runs.



Your coaches/mentors will be former RunWILD alums Lee Wilson, Beth Meadows, Lauren Pulley, Scott Thompson and Ryne Anderson. Trails we will visit include Bowie Park, Montgomery Bell, Long Hunter State Park, Sewanee, Walls of Jericho and Edgar Evins.

Even if you don't want to race but want to run on trails and meet new people JOIN US!

For those that have already registered for Yamacraw…GREAT! If you want to race the McKay Hollow Madness 25k/12k, here’s the registration link -- Details about carpools and lodging for these races will be discussed during the training!